Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt

Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt


The Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt opened 2015 in the Grossmarkthalle, the city’s historic, landmarked wholesale market and became a Germany’s new home for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in 2020.

The venue has hosted musical productions, (TV) shows, events, gala evenings, rock and pop concerts, as well as exhibitions. The auditorium boasts an impressive, unobstructed view of the immensely high eight centimetre thick cement arches – the highest point being 20 meters above the theatre seats. Following an extensive refurbishment the remodelled theatre now has 1670 seats and became a very special place for all Harry Potter fans. In March 2020 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will celebrate its German premiere here, the first non-english production of the play.

Seating capacity: 1670

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mehr! theater am großmarkt

Banksstraße 28, 20097 Hamburg, Germany